Baptist Health Services Group


Baptist Health Services Group focuses on three major service areas for our business partners: group health insurance, workers' compensation and occupational health. Most other health care or injury care issues are included with these three. From assistance in obtaining group health insurance to custom-tailored work comp profiles, Baptist is your best choice for all your health care needs.

If you work for an employer who is committed to offering you access to Baptist, you will be well cared for. BHSG works closely with network physicians, hospitals, and ancillary facilities so we can answer your questions about surgery, illness or injury care.

Close relationships with brokers, insurance companies and other payers allow more of the Mid-South to hear about and gain access to the BHSG network of physicians, hospitals and other facilities. Your broker or consultant has a team of highly trained professionals whose focus is on linking employers to the most appropriate carrier or payer.

So, whether you are an employer, a covered employee or an insurance professional, BHSG is your one stop for all your health care needs. We believe BHSG is the best choice for all your health care needs. We are prepared to be your collaborative business partner so you can minimize your health care expenditures while maximizing your health care benefits.


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